As an entrepreneur and marketing guru, Mark Seyforth is inspired by the power of network marketing– and as a public speaker, he hopes to inspire others in the industry.

Back in the 1980s, Mark Seyforth created the multilevel marketing commission plan that is now ubiquitous among all the major companies in MLM industry. He also built mega-successful companies like Slendernow and helped launch Herbalife, and he now focuses on his new business, the Good Life USA. However, Mark Seyforth’s career path may have never been achieved without the mentorship of his uncle, Paul Jones, and this is why Mark Seyforth is now so passionate about being a mentor himself.

One of Mark Seyforth’s most vivid memories is his uncle telling him that he could have anything he wanted if he was only willing to do the work to get there. Paul gave him a book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and after reading it Mark Seyforth knew he had the power to change his own life. He knew he could become a better person, self-educate, network with other industry leaders and, perhaps most importantly, develop a thick skin. Any potential business leader must be ready to handle failure, and as Mark Seyforth says, “I’ve never met anyone successful who didn’t fail a lot first.”

Mark Seyforth shares his belief system as a platform speaker, reaching thousands of people who are questioning the basics of succeeding in business: “How do I make it happen? What do I need to do?” Mark Seyforth is able to answer these questions because he was able to take business ideas from nothing, make them bloom, and ultimately pave his own future. He truly believes in his industry platform, and his career is a testament to the potential that network marketing holds.

To Mark Seyforth, the key is not to live in the past or obsess over the future. He focuses on making the present the best he can possibly make it. This type of clear, focused thinking led him to eventually be recognized at a Direct Selling Association convention for his major contributions to the industry. In that moment, Mark Seyforth was humbled– he realized that by paying his dues and diligently working his way up, he actually had made a huge difference. Now, he works to share this professional and personal mindset with aspiring entrepreneurs from all kinds of backgrounds.