6 Behaviors Embraced by Effective Leaders

Leadership / January 25, 2016

There are diverse leadership paths within a company that can be determined by numerous factors, including the size of a team, personal work history, and mentor experience. Consequently, while some leaders can provoke pivotal changes within their company, others can cause the entire proverbial structure to come crashing down.   

While everyone should feel comfortable developing their own leadership style, there are a few traits that should be adopted by all leaders if they hope to run a team that values individuals and ideas as well as much as quality products and services are valued. Leadership gurus and  consultants support the belief that a strong leader can and should ask subordinates personal questions and they should embrace failure as a part of their journey. Also, there are a number of things that a prudent leader must do in order to be an effective shepherd.


Admit when you’re wrong and when you don’t know the answer

We’re always learning, there’s no shame in that. Additionally, there’s no shame in admitting fault or seeking information. However, there is shame in purposeful ignorance and a failure to search for answers. There’s strength in “I’m sorry” and “I will find out that answer you.” Both scenarios pose an opportunity for reflection and correction.


Think before you act

Consider the information before you, and think it over carefully before you launch into action. A dynamic leader will be able to look at things from all angles before settling on a decision, they’re not reactionary and they’re not so desperate for results that they’re willing to treat employees like they aren’t vital cogs in the machine. When disciplining, hiring, firing or approving ideas, always look at all of the information presented. Fire people when they are negligent and only when it’s warranted.


Be slow with criticisms and quick with affirmations

When attempting to catch or direct flies, try honey, not vinegar. Encouragement will work far better than constant criticism. No matter how big or small a company is, each employee should feel like they matter and like they aren’t only visible due to the mistakes that they’ve made.


Celebrate Intentional and Creative People

Nurture great ideas and those who present them, and mentor those who seem interested and intentional. Also, reward those who are creatively minded, not simply those who are able to complete mindless tasks. Celebrate the small idea creation, likewise celebrate the completion of larger projects.


Communicate Great ideas

Whenever a great idea comes to mind, be sure to communicate that to your team. Sharing an impressive idea will likely stimulate others, pushing them to share ideas that sit close to the surface. Also, when others demonstrate they’re capable of conceiving impressive ideas, continue to nurture those ideas and create more opportunities for those individuals.


Focus on Goals and Individuals, not the Budget

Build the people who will build the business, which will build the wealth. Simply said, invest in loyal individuals who are interested in completing goals and growing the company, and those individuals will help to bring forth success.

Adequate leadership is a fundamental and essential to excellence. Where discussing the growth of a company or success within an academic setting. Bad leadership can irrevocably damage futures and poor outcomes.

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Mark Seyforth
Mark Seyforth is an entrepreneur and marketing guru based in Coral Gables, Florida. Learn more about the ambitious businessman by connecting with him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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