Career Advice From Three Great Minds in Marketing

Career Advice / Mark Seyforth / March 23, 2016

When some of us ask for career advice, we find that we hear the same old platitudes so often that we end up not tuning them out. However, if you want to be truly successful, you must have the drive to listen to the advice of others and make it applicable to you. It may help a bit if the people giving you advice are very successful themselves. Luckily, the American Marketing Associate has provided us with career advice from some of the top people in marketing. And it certainly surpasses the typical phrases we hear every day. Here are some tips from some of the best minds in marketing.

1. Rohit Bhargava, Founder of Influential Marketing Group

Rohit Bhargava believes that every interaction you make has the power to impact your reputation. That’s why he works to make sure that he is kind to others, no matter who they are. When he lived in Australia, where he worked for Leo Burnett, Bhargava would often sit in the front of taxis, a practice that is commonplace in Australia in order to demonstrate that the cab driver and the customer are equals. He makes sure to treat every instance like this, giving respect to everyone he meets.

Bhargava’s reputation as a marketing expert comes from his history of high-level strategy consulting. He has also published a lot of forward-looking content to help business professionals make the best decisions. He has gained recognition as a strong thought leader through his 15 Trends book series. Throughout all of the success, Bhargava has maintained a commitment to staying humble.

2) John Young, Senior Vice President of Analytic Consulting, Epsilon

It has been a long and difficult climb to the top, but John Young is now one of the top marketing professionals out there. When he first interviewed with Epsilon, he was rejected, but he turned this rejection into a learning moment. While Young knew that his economics background would make him a good fit to fill the demand for analytics professionals, he needed to figure out how to convince the global marketing company of this.

He may not have had an in-depth marketing background yet, but he had a clear objective and was willing to work hard to achieve his goals. Young spent some time working with Digitas to apply quantitative methods to direct mail campaigns. Then, he was given another opportunity to work with Epsilon, and this time, he got the job. From this, he learned the importance in being your own biggest advocate. It may sound cliche, but a large part of success is believing in yourself. Young also believes that being able to tell the story of what your business produces in a way that customers will understand is extremely helpful.

3) Gabrielle Martinez, Managing Partner, AgencyEA

Gabrielle Martinez was born into a family of entrepreneurs, from her grandfather who owned a cobbler shop to her family members who owned a restaurant. While Martinez knew she wanted to connect with others and reach success, her goals were not very defined at first. After one year of law school, Martinez left law school, a decision she considers extremely important to reestablishing her passions. Martinez used her background in event planning to build a career as an experiential and event marketer. Martinez founded Agency EA, a company that stands out from the rest due to its constant creativity. Agency EA’s clients include Obamas, Target, and GE. Martinez believes that she can attribute her success to “hard work, grit, and a positive mindset.”

In the age of social media, the inspirational quotes and articles keep flooding our news feeds and it’s easy to think that these pieces of advice are just phrases that don’t mean much. But you will see that when you believe in yourself, work hard, and follow the other pieces of advice offered by these marketing greats, you will be destined for success!

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Mark Seyforth
Mark Seyforth is an entrepreneur and marketing guru based in Coral Gables, Florida. Learn more about the ambitious businessman by connecting with him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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