Make Philanthropy a Family Affair

Leadership / Mark Seyforth / Philanthropy / August 12, 2017

Regularly participating in philanthropy is vitally important if you want to do your duty as a citizen. Helping out those around you is one of the best decisions you can make and it’ll positively impact everyone who’s involved. Charities always need more people to assist them, so you’ll be able to find plenty of opportunities to participate in philanthropy. It’s time to get your entire family involved in volunteering and showing a philanthropic mindset. Make a plan with your spouse and children and give your time to a cause. Here are some ways to get your entire family on board about philanthropy.

Ask their opinions

When becoming more engaged in philanthropy, ask your family’s opinion before choosing where you’ll give your time or what methods to use. They’ll want to share their input on what causes to support and how they’d like to give their time. Be respectful toward everyone’s feelings and schedules so you aren’t forcing them to miss another activity they’d rather be doing. Forcing your family into philanthropy causes them to resent the activity and can be detrimental to what you’re trying to achieve.

Find a monthly time to volunteer

Ideally, you’d be able to give hours each week to an organization, but that’s unrealistic with a modern family’s schedule. Instead, aim to give a few hours once a month, by choosing a Saturday or Sunday or available weeknight to give time to the organization you choose. If you can volunteer more, that’s great, but aim for at least once a month. Volunteering once a month counts as valuable family time and anything you can give is helpful to a philanthropy.

Donate old items

As a family, it’s likely that you have a large amount of items laying around your home that you no longer use or do not actually need. Instead of throwing away these items or having a garage sale, donate what you can! Go through your clothes once a year and encourage your kids to sort through their rooms as well. Think about whether or not you’re storing anything that you rarely use and that someone else could use more.

Help out in your community

A great way to get involved with charity is by helping out in your own community. Find local events your family can volunteer at or simply help out your neighbors. If you have an elderly person in your neighborhood, bring them food and rake their leaves to help them out a little. Teaching your family the importance of kindness outside of an official nonprofit is a lesson that lasts a lifetime and makes them better people.

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