South Floridian Entrepreneur Creates Community, Marketplace for Small-Batch Spirits

Uncategorized / January 25, 2016

South Floridian entrepreneurs have proven that tech startups and alcohol go hand-in-hand. Luis Troccoli, a Cornell graduate, recently launched a marketplace, Craft Spirits Exchange (CSX), for consumers to identify and purchase intoxicating, delicious and unique spirits.

Florida’s local startup companies aren’t just interested in filling orders to fuel the party culture, they’re interested in exploring each aspect of spirit industry. Information on brewing, distilling, selling and dispensing and other aspects of the industry are shared through the Made-in-Miami apps, which promote local businesses and global wine, spirits, and beer.

The platform grants access to unique and hard-to-find spirits, selling close to 1000 spirits. User reviews, tasting notes, news stories and recipes are documented in the app. Also, drinkCSX, which was launched Oct. 15, has 3,000 registered users, who take advantage of access to more than 50 spirit brands made available to them through CSX partnerships. The access to unique spirits and products has made it a destination site.

Miavina, a proprietary technology developed by Cindy Diffenderfer of Miami Beach, is another example of young entrepreneurs featured on CSX. Deemed “Nespresso for wine,” Miavina is a machine that pairs naturally with a Miavina app, which offers descriptions of wine, reviews, wine education and access to the Miavina wine club.

Also featured on CSX, a Miami-based craft cocktail company Atlantico Rum; premium vodka and tequila shots LIQS; Aventura-based wine in a can company Friends Fun Wine; and Beyond Zero will produce a machine liquor-filled ice. Some other apps hitting the market are SpeedETab is an app that’ helps users get to the front of the lines at their favorite restaurants and bars. Also, Klink’s app is a delivery service for beer, wine and spirit.

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Mark Seyforth
Mark Seyforth is an entrepreneur and marketing guru based in Coral Gables, Florida. Learn more about the ambitious businessman by connecting with him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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